Work ClassificationSIC CodeIndustry Segment
Accounting services8721Financial services
Accounting services - condominium8721Financial services
Advanced and precision manufacturers - aeronautical parts3721Technology
Advanced and precision manufacturers - automobile parts - non-operating parts2396Technology
Advanced and precision manufacturers - automobile parts - operating parts3714Technology
Advanced and precision manufacturers - industrial electronics - other than production and process control equipment3829Technology
Advanced and precision manufacturers - instruments - except laboratory and analytical instruments3823Technology
Advanced and precision manufacturers - production and process control equipment3829Technology
Advertising and related services7311Services
Advertising and related services - condominium7311Services
Air conditioning cleaning or repairs1711Artisan contractors**
Air conditioning equipment manufacturers3585Manufacturing
Air conditioning equipment wholesalers5075Wholesalers
Air conditioning and heating equipment stores5722Retail
Air conditioning systems or equipment - dealers or distributors - installation, service, or repairs5075Artisan contractors**
Alarms and alarm system installation, service, or repairs1731Artisan contractors**
Animal hospitals742Services
Answering services8721Services
Antique stores5932Retail
Appliance and accessory manufacturers - commercial - gas3589Manufacturing
Appliance and accessory manufacturers - commercial - not gas3582Manufacturing
Appliance and accessory manufacturers - household - gas3631Manufacturing
Appliance and accessory manufacturers - household - not gas3632Manufacturing
Appliance installation or repairs - commercial appliances not including communication systems7629Artisan contractors**
Appliance installation or repairs - household appliances including telephone systems7629Artisan contractors**
Appliance stores - audio and visual equipment including television5731Retail
Appliance stores - household appliances5722Retail
Appliance wholesalers - household and home furnishing5064Wholesalers
Appraisers - collectibles and antiques7389Services
Appraisers - home and building6411Services
Appraisers - jewelry5944Services
Appraisers - other7389Services
Aquarium supplies and tropical fish stores5999Retail
Arboreta and botanical garden8422Cultural institutions
Architects, drafting and engineers, equipment and supplies wholesalers5049Wholesalers
Architects - not engaged in actual construction8712Services
Architects - not engaged in actual construction - condominium8712Services
Army and Navy stores5399Retail
Art conservator8999Services
Art gallery - not-for-profit organizations8412Cultural institutions
Art gallery - other than not-for-profit organizations8412Cultural institutions
Art, picture, and poster stores5999Retail
Art studios including art lessons8412Cultural institutions
Association - alumni8641Clubs and associations
Association - business8611Clubs and associations
Association - civic8641Clubs and associations
Association - professional8621Clubs and associations
Association - trade8611Clubs and associations
Athletic footwear stores5661Retail
Auto parts stores5531Retail
Automobile, bus, or truck parts - non-operating parts2396Manufacturing
Auto parts and supply wholesalers5051Wholesalers
Awning installation1799Artisan contractors**
Baby food manufacturers2032Manufacturing
Baby food manufacturers - in glass containers2032Manufacturing
Background screening firms7323Services
Bags, boxes, and containers wholesalers5113Wholesalers
Bakery plants2051Manufacturing
Bakery stores - no baking on-premises5461Retail
Balloons and party goods stores5945Retail
Bars, dance clubs, or taverns5813Food services
Barber or beauty shop supply wholesalers5087Wholesalers
Barber, beauty supplies, and cosmetics stores7231Retail
Barber shops7241Services
Bearing manufacturers3562Manufacturing
Bedding and bath stores5719Retail
Beverage bottler - soft drinks - carbonated - in cans or plastic bottles2086Manufacturing
Beverage bottler - soft drinks - carbonated - in glass bottles2086Manufacturing
Beverage bottler - soft drinks - in metal cylinders2086Manufacturing
Beverage bottler - soft drinks - in paper containers2086Manufacturing
Beverage bottler - soft drinks - not carbonated - in bottles or cans2086Manufacturing
Beverage stores - coffee, soft drinks, and water5921Retail
Beverage stores - liquor and wine5921Retail
Beverage wholesalers - non-alcoholic5149Wholesalers
Bicycle manufacturers - not motorized3751Manufacturing
Bicycle stores5941Retail
Billiards or pool tables manufacturers3949Manufacturing
Billing services - medical8721Healthcare
Billing services - non-medical8721Services
Biotechnology & pharmaceutical distributors5122Life sciences
Biotechnology & pharmaceutical manufacturers2833Life sciences
Biotechnology research & development companies8731Life sciences
Boiler inspection, installation, cleaning, or repairs1711Artisan contractors**
Bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, or washers manufacturers3452Manufacturing
Bookkeeping services8721Financial services
Bookkeeping services - condominium8721Financial services
Books and magazines stores - new and used5932Retail
Books and magazines wholesalers5192Wholesalers
Bottles and jars manufacturers - plastic - non-returnable3085Manufacturing
Bottles and jars manufacturers - plastic - returnable3085Manufacturing
Boxes or containers manufacturers - corrugated or fiberboard2653Manufacturing
Boxes or containers manufacturers - wood2449Manufacturing
Brass, copper, and pewter specialty items stores5999Retail
Brass, copper, and pewter specialty items wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Bric-a-brac and curio stores5947Retail
Bridal stores5621Retail
Brush or broom manufacturers3991Manufacturing
Burial caskets, coffins, and shipping cases stores5999Retail
Burial caskets, vaults, and boxes wholesalers5087Wholesalers
Butcher shops5421Retail
Buttons or fasteners manufacturers3965Manufacturing
Cabinet building or installation1751Artisan contractors**
Cabinet stores5712Retail
Cable laying for computer networks1731Technology
Cake decorating equipment and supplies stores5999Retail
Camera and photo supplies wholesalers5043Wholesalers
Candle manufacturers3999Manufacturing
Candle stores5945Retail
Candle wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Candy or confectionery products manufacturers2064Manufacturing
Candy or confectionery stores with manufacturing - on-premises2066Retail
Candy or confectionery stores with no manufacturing5441Retail
Can manufacturers - metal3411Manufacturing
Carbon paper or inked ribbon manufacturers3955Manufacturing
Carpentry - finish or trim work only1751Artisan contractors**
Carpentry - shop only1751Artisan contractors**
Carpet, rug, furniture, or upholstery cleaning - on-premises7217Artisan contractors**
Carpet or rug manufacturers2273Manufacturing
Carpet, rug, or upholstery cleaning services - shop only7217Services
Catalog or premium coupon redemption stores5961Retail
Cell phone stores5731Retail
Ceramics and pottery stores5999Retail
Charitable foundations6732Clubs and associations
Cheese shops5451Retail
Chimney cleaning7349Artisan contractors**
Chimney construction or maintenance1741Artisan contractors**
China, glassware, ceramics, and pottery wholesalers5023Wholesalers
China, glassware, and crystal stores5719Retail
China, porcelain, or earthenware manufacturers3262Manufacturing
Christmas and holiday stores5945Retail
Church supplies stores5999Retail
Claims adjusters6411Services
Clay products manufacturers3251Manufacturing
Clean technology consulting and services - consultant - solar energy8711Technology
Clean technology consulting and services - energy efficiency software development and consulting7371Technology
Clean technology manufacturers - electric and hybrid vehicle components3714Technology
Clean technology manufacturers - energy storage technology3691Technology
Clean technology manufacturers - hydroelectric technology3511Technology
Clean technology manufacturers - LED lighting components3641Technology
Clean technology manufacturers - solar energy system components3679Technology
Clean technology manufacturers - wind turbine components3511Technology
Clock manufacturers3873Manufacturing
Clock stores with repair5944Retail
Clothing - accessories stores5632Retail
Clothing - accessories wholesalers5137Wholesalers
Clothing - children and infant stores5641Retail
Clothing - children and infant wholesalers5137Wholesalers
Clothing - dance and figure skating apparel stores5632Retail
Clothing - family clothing stores5651Services
Clothing - formal wear and costumes rentals7299Retail
Clothing - hats and caps stores5611Retail
Clothing - ladies clothing wholesalers5137Wholesalers
Clothing - ladies and girls stores5621Retail
Clothing - lingerie and hosiery stores5632Retail
Clothing - manufacturers2331Manufacturing
Clothing - maternity stores5632Retail
Clothing - mens and boys stores5611Retail
Clothing - mens clothing wholesalers5136Wholesalers
Clothing - sporting goods and athletic apparel stores5941Retail
Clothing - tie stores5611Retail
Clothing - t-shirt stores5651Retail
Clothing - uniform stores5699Retail
Club - civil and social8641Clubs and associations
Club - classic auto - non-owned or rented building8699Clubs and associations
Club - classic auto - owned or rented building8699Clubs and associations
Club - recreation8641Clubs and associations
Coffee shops5921Retail
Coffee and tea supplies stores5499Retail
Coffee and tea supplies wholesalers5149Wholesalers
Coffins or caskets manufacturers3995Manufacturing
Collectibles and memorabilia retail stores5947Retail
Commercial appliance repair shops7629Services
Commercial condominium - association risk only6531Real estate (association)
Commodity brokers6221Financial services
Communication equipment except household wholesalers5065Wholesalers
Communication or recording systems or equipment manufacturers - industrial or commercial3669Manufacturing
Communication or recording systems or equipment manufacturers - other than industrial or commercial3651Manufacturing
Computer and electronic stores - non-industrial5731Technology
Computer and peripheral devices - non-industrial3571Technology
Computer, peripheral, and telecommunication devices - industrial3571Technology
Computer software and services - industrial7371Technology
Computer software and services - non-industrial7371Technology
Concrete construction1771Artisan Contractors**
Concrete finishing - residential foundations or sidewalks1771Artisan Contractors**
Concrete or plaster products manufacturers - non-structural3272Manufacturing
Condo association - office occupancy6531Real estate (association)
Condo association - retail, service, and wholesale occupancy6531Real estate (association)
Condo association - shopping centers6531Real estate (association)
Consultant - actuarial8999Services
Consultant - advertising7311Services
Consultant - agricultural8748Services
Consultant - audio and visual8748Services
Consultant - business management8742Services
Consultant - career8742Services
Consultant - communications, media, and public relations8743Services
Consultant - compensation and benefits8742Services
Consultant - debt8742Financial services
Consultant - educational8299Services
Consultant - event planning7299Services
Consultant - executive coaching8299Services
Consultant - financial6282Financial services
Consultant - forestry851Services
Consultant - graphic art and design7336Services
Consultant - healthcare8748Healthcare
Consultant - human resources8742Services
Consultant - image8743Services
Consultant - interior decorators7389Services
Consultant - market research8732Services
Consultant - not otherwise classified8748Services
Consultant - procurement8742Services
Consultant - project management8742Services
Consultant - sales and marketing8742Services
Consultant - strategic planning8742Services
Consultant - structured settlement8742Financial services
Consultant - training and development8299Services
Consultant - vocational except rehab counseling8299Services
Consultant - wedding planning8748Services
Contract research & development companies8731Life sciences
Cookie stores5461Retail
Copying and duplicating services7334Services
Cosmetics and toiletries wholesalers5087Wholesalers
Countertop installation1799Artisan contractors**
Cupcake stores5461Retail
Curtains and draperies stores5714Retail
Curtains and draperies wholesalers5131Wholesalers
Cutlery (not powered) and flatware manufacturers3421Manufacturing
Cutlery wholesalers5072Wholesalers
Dairy products manufacturers2026Manufacturing
Dairy products stores5451Retail
Data hosting and cloud service providers7374Technology
Data processing services7374Technology
Dental laboratories8072Healthcare
Dental offices8021Healthcare
Dental offices - condominium8021Healthcare
Dessert shops5461Retail
Diaper, uniform, and linen supply rentals7213Services
Die casting manufacturers3364Manufacturing
Die, mold, or pattern manufacturers - metal3544Manufacturing
Dietary supplement/nutraceutical manufacturers2833Life sciences
Direct mail advertising services7331Services
Disc jockeys, musicians, and singers7929Services
Document preparation services7338Services
Donut and bagel shops5461Retail
Door and window installation, service, or repairs - metal1751Artisan contractors**
Door and window installation, service, or repairs - wood1751Artisan contractors**
Door and window manufacturers - other than wood3442Manufacturing
Door and window manufacturers - wood2431Manufacturing
Driveway, parking areas, or sidewalk paving or repaving1771Artisan contractors**
Drug stores5912Retail
Drug stores with food sales5912Retail
Drums or containers manufacturers - metal3412Manufacturing
Drums or containers manufacturers - plastic3089Manufacturing
Dry cleaners and laundromats - coin-operated and attended7215Services
Dry cleaners and laundromats - no plant on-premises7212Services
Dry cleaners and laundromats - plant on-premises7216Services
Dry cleaning and laundry equipment and supplies wholesalers5087Wholesalers
Dry goods, fabrics, and yarn stores5949Retail
Drywall installation1742Artisan contractors**
Education and school supplies stores5943Retail
Education and school supplies wholesalers5112Wholesalers
Electrical equipment manufacturers - for direct and indirect application to the body3999Manufacturing
Electrical equipment manufacturers - other than for direct and indirect application to the body3699Manufacturing
Electrical equipment wholesalers5063Wholesalers
Electrical lighting stores5719Retail
Electrical parts, components, or accessories manufacturers3699Manufacturing
Electrical wire or cable manufacturers3351Manufacturing
Electrical work - within buildings1731Artisan contractors**
Electronic components - active or engineered to specifications3679Technology
Electronic components - manufacturers3679Manufacturing
Electronic components - passive and generic3679Technology
Electronic components - printed circuit board assemblies and sub-assemblies3679Technology
Electronic components - wafers, microprocessors, and semiconductors3674Technology
Electronic research and development - pre-revenue, no sales8733Technology
Electronic stores5731Retail
Embroidery operations7389Services
Emerging industries and web-enabled businesses7379Technology
Employment agencies7361Services
Employment agencies - condominium7361Services
Engineers or architects - not engaged in actual construction8711Services
Engineers or architects - not engaged in actual construction - condominium8711Services
Equipment, fixtures, or supplies - bars, hotels, and restaurant wholesalers5999Wholesalers
Equipment, fixtures, or supplies - office and store equipment wholesalers5044Wholesalers
Exercise or playground equipment manufacturers3949Manufacturing
Eyeglass lens manufacturers3851Manufacturing
Fabric stores5949Retail
Fabric wholesalers5131Wholesalers
Fastener wholesalers5072Wholesalers
Feed manufacturers2048Manufacturing
Fence installation1799Artisan contractors**
Fence and supplies stores5211Retail
Fence wholesalers5211Wholesalers
Fiber manufacturers - other than synthetic2655Manufacturing
Fiber-optic cable installation1731Technology
Film processing7384Services
Finance companies6159Financial services
Flavor extracts and syrups manufacturers2087Manufacturing
Floor covering installation - carpet and linoleum1752Artisan contractors**
Floor covering installation - wood1752Artisan contractors**
Floor covering manufacturers - other than carpet, rug, ceramic, or stone tiles3996Manufacturing
Floor covering stores5713Retail
Floor covering wholesalers5023Wholesalers
Florists - retail5992Retail
Florists - wholesalers5193Wholesalers
Florists with greenhouses - retail5992Retail
Flower stores - artificial5945Retail
Flower wholesalers - artificial5092Wholesalers
Food manufacturers - dry2034Manufacturing
Food manufacturers - frozen2038Manufacturing
Food manufacturers - not dry - in glass containers2099Manufacturing
Food manufacturers - not dry - other than in glass containers2099Manufacturing
Food wholesalers - bakeries - no baking on-premises5149Wholesalers
Food wholesalers - dairy products5143Wholesalers
Food wholesalers - frozen5142Wholesalers
Food wholesalers - grocery5141Wholesalers
Food wholesalers - meat, fish, and poultry5142Wholesalers
Food wholesalers - not otherwise classified5145Wholesalers
Food wholesalers - produce and nuts5148Wholesalers
Frame shops5999Retail
Fresco painting work1743Artisan contractors**
Frozen yogurt stores5451Retail
Fruit and vegetable juice manufacturers - no bottling of carbonated beverages2037Manufacturing
Fruits and vegetables stores5431Retail
Funeral parlors7261Services
Fur - garments and pelts wholesalers5137Wholesalers
Furniture or fixture installation - portable1799Artisan contractors**
Furniture manufacturers or assembling - infants2511Manufacturing
Furniture manufacturers or assembling - other than wood2514Manufacturing
Furniture manufacturers or assembling - wood2511Manufacturing
Furniture stores - home5712Retail
Furniture stores - office5712Retail
Furniture stores - patio5712Retail
Furniture wholesalers5021Wholesalers
Gardening stores5261Retail
Gardening supplies wholesalers5191Wholesalers
Gemstone cutting or polishing3915Manufacturing
Genealogical investigators8999Services
Gift baskets stores5945Retail
Gift shop wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Gift shops5947Retail
Glass or glassware manufacturers3211Manufacturing
Glass store wholesalers - windows, plates, and mirrors5039Wholesalers
Glass stores - windows, plates, and mirrors5231Retail
Glass tinting - buildings1799Artisan contractors**
Glaziers and glass dealers1793Artisan contractors**
Golf apparel and equipment stores5941Retail
Grant writers8472Services
Greeting cards, stationery paper, or paper products stores5943Retail
Grocery stores5411Retail
Hair accessories wholesalers5131Wholesalers
Hair styling salons7231Services
Handwriting analysts8999Services
Hardware and tools stores5251Retail
Hardware and tools wholesalers5072Wholesalers
Health food stores excluding products5499Retail
Health maintenance organizations6324Healthcare
Health technology & healthcare related software development companies7371Life sciences
Hearing aid stores5999Retail
Hearing aid wholesalers5047Wholesalers
Heating and air conditioning equipment wholesalers5074Wholesalers
Heating or combined heating and air conditioning systems or equipment - dealers or distributors - installation, service, or repairs - no liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) equipment sales or work1711Artisan contractors**
Heating equipment manufacturers - coal or wood3433Manufacturing
Heating equipment manufacturers - electric3585Manufacturing
Heating equipment manufacturers - fuel oil or kerosene3433Manufacturing
Heating equipment manufacturers - gas or liquefied petroleum gas3433Manufacturing
Hobby, craft, or artists' supplies stores5945Retail
Hobby, craft, or artists' supplies wholesalers5092Wholesalers
Holding companies offices - other than banks6719Financial services
Home and consumer electronics - non-wearable3571Technology
Home and consumer electronics - wearable3571Technology
Home furnishings stores5712Retail
Home furnishings wholesalers5023Wholesalers
Home improvement stores5251Retail
Homeowners association - mercantile or office6514Real estate (association)
Homeowners association - no mercantile or office6514Real estate (association)
Household appliances repair shops7629Services
Humidifiers and dehumidifiers except portable wholesalers5075Wholesalers
Hydroponic or radiant heating installation or repairs1711Artisan contractors**
Ice cream stores5451Retail
Ice dealers and wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Industrial electronics - other than production and process control equipment3829Technology
Industrial electronics - production and process control equipment3929Technology
Industrial laundries7218Services
Industrial and personal service paper wholesalers5113Wholesalers
Ink cartridge refill shops7378Services
Inspection services - home and building6411Services
Inspection services - other6411Services
Instruments manufacturers3823Manufacturing
Insulating materials manufacturers - plastic3086Manufacturing
Insulating materials manufacturers - plastic - for application in a solid state3086Manufacturing
Insurance agents6411Financial services
Insurance agents - condominium6411Financial services
Investment companies6722Financial services
Iron and metal workers - decorative or artistic1799Artisan contractors**
Janitorial services - franchise - commercial7349Artisan contractors**
Janitorial services - franchise - residential7349Artisan contractors**
Janitorial services - non-franchise - commercial7349Artisan contractors**
Janitorial services - non-franchise - residential7349Artisan contractors**
Janitorial supplies stores5399Retail
Janitorial supplies wholesalers5087Wholesalers
Jewelry box wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Jewelry manufacturers3911Manufacturing
Jewelry stores - costume jewelry5944Retail
Jewelry stores - precious jewelry5944Retail
Jewelry wholesalers - costume and precious jewelry5094Wholesalers
Juice bars5921Retail
Kiosks - non-food5999Retail
Kitchen accessories stores5719Retail
Kitchen accessories wholesalers5023Wholesalers
Knives and scissors stores5719Retail
Laboratory equipment and instrument manufacturing3826Technology
Ladders manufacturers - other than wood3499Manufacturing
Ladders manufacturers - wood2499Manufacturing
Lamp shades manufacturers3089Manufacturing
Lamps or lanterns manufacturers - electric3641Manufacturing
Lamps or lanterns manufacturers - other than electric3648Manufacturing
Lamps and lighting fixtures wholesalers5063Wholesalers
Landscape architectural781Services
Landscape gardening782Artisan contractors**
Laundromat - coin-operated and non-attended7215Services
Lawn care services782Artisan contractors**
Lawn irrigation or sprinkler system installation1711Artisan contractors**
Lawyers - condominium8111Services
Leather goods and luggage wholesalers5099Wholesalers
Leather goods manufacturers3199Manufacturing
Leather products or hide stores5948Retail
Lessor's risk - maintained by insured6512Real estate
Lessor's risk - maintained by tenant(s)6512Real estate
Library8231Cultural institutions
Light bulbs or tubes manufacturers3641Manufacturing
Lighting fixtures manufacturers3646Manufacturing
Lighting installation - commercial or residential1731Artisan contractors**
Linens and white goods stores5949Retail
Linens wholesalers5023Wholesalers
Liquor manufacturers2085Manufacturing
Locksmith and key cutting7699Services
Luggage goods stores5948Retail
Machinery or machinery parts manufacturers3524Manufacturing
Machinery or machinery parts manufacturers - construction, mining, or materials handling type3531Manufacturing
Machinery or machinery parts manufacturers - farm type3523Manufacturing
Machinery or machinery parts manufacturers - metal working3549Manufacturing
Machine shops3599Manufacturing
Mailbox or packaging stores7299Services
Mailing or addressing companies7389Services
Mail order house wholesalers - books, not publishing or printing5961Wholesalers
Mail order house wholesalers - cheese5961Wholesalers
Mail order house wholesalers - fruit5961Wholesalers
Mail order house wholesalers - mens clothing5961Wholesalers
Mail order house wholesalers - not otherwise classified5961Wholesalers
Mail order house wholesalers - records, tapes, and CD's5961Wholesalers
Mail order house wholesalers - womens clothing5961Wholesalers
Manufacturers' representatives8611Wholesalers
Market research firms8732Services
Masonry1741Artisan contractors**
Mattress or box spring manufacturers2515Manufacturing
Meat, fish, poultry, or seafood processing - in airtight containers2013Manufacturing
Meat, fish, poultry, or seafood processing - not in airtight containers2013Manufacturing
Media buyers7319Services
Media duplication7334Services
Media manufacturing - blank and pre-recorded3652Technology
Medical device distributors5047Life sciences
Medical device manufacturers3841Life sciences
Medical device research & development companies8731Life sciences
Medical device retailers5999Life sciences
Medical office - acupuncturists8049Healthcare
Medical office - allergists8011Healthcare
Medical office - audiologists, testing only8049Healthcare
Medical office - cardiologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - chiropractors8041Healthcare
Medical office - condominium8011Healthcare
Medical office - dermatologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - diagnostic centers8071Healthcare
Medical office - dialysis centers8092Healthcare
Medical office - dieticians8049Healthcare
Medical office - ear, nose, and throat specialists8011Healthcare
Medical office - endocrinologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - gastroenterologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - general health practitioners and primary care physicians8011Healthcare
Medical office - geriatric specialists8011Healthcare
Medical office - gynecologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - hematologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - internists8011Healthcare
Medical office - laser eye surgery centers8011Healthcare
Medical office - neurologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - not otherwise classified8049Healthcare
Medical office - obstetricians8011Healthcare
Medical office - occupational therapists8049Healthcare
Medical office - oncologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - ophthalmologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - optometrists8042Healthcare
Medical office - orthopedic surgeons8011Healthcare
Medical office - osteopaths8031Healthcare
Medical office - pediatricians8043Healthcare
Medical office - podiatrists8043Healthcare
Medical office - psychiatrists8049Healthcare
Medical office - psychologists8049Healthcare
Medical office - pulmonologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - speech therapists8049Healthcare
Medical office - urologists8011Healthcare
Medical office - x-rays or imaging laboratories8071Healthcare
Metal erection - non-structural1799Artisan contractors**
Metal foils manufacturers3353Manufacturing
Metal goods manufacturers3499Manufacturing
Metal goods manufacturers - stamping - not signs3469Manufacturing
Metal parts wholesalers - non-structural5051Wholesalers
Metal works - shop - decorative or artistic3446Manufacturing
Metal works - shop - structural - not load-bearing3446Manufacturing
Milk processing manufacturers2026Manufacturing
Mirror and home decorations stores5719Retail
Monument and tombstones stores5999Retail
Monument and tombstones wholesalers5099Wholesalers
Mortgage brokers6162Financial services
Multiple computer and technology services - industrial and residential7378Technology
Multiple computer and technology services - office and commercial7378Technology
Museums - not-for-profit8412Cultural institutions
Museums - other than not-for-profit8412Cultural institutions
Musical instruments manufacturers3931Manufacturing
Musical instruments stores5736Retail
Musical instruments - tuning and repairs7699Services
Musical instruments wholesalers5099Wholesalers
Music and CD wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Music stores - pre-recorded5735Retail
Nail salons7231Services
Nails or spikes manufacturers3315Manufacturing
Needles, pins, or tacks manufacturers3965Manufacturing
Notary public6541Services
Nuts shops5441Retail
Office - administrative services8741Services
Office - equipment rental and leasing7377Services
Office - furniture wholesalers5021Wholesalers
Office - machines or appliances stores - no repairs5211Retail
Office - machines manufacturers3579Manufacturing
Office - machine repair shops7629Services
Office - on-premises coverage only6512Services
Office - supplies and stationery stores5943Retail
Optical goods manufacturing - except eyeglass lenses3827Manufacturing
Optical goods stores5995Retail
Optical goods wholesalers5048Wholesalers
Oral surgeons8021Healthcare
Original software developer - non-industrial only7372Technology
Paint, wallpaper, and wall covering stores5231Retail
Paint, wallpaper, and wall covering wholesalers5023Wholesalers
Painting exterior buildings or structures three stories or less in height1721Artisan contractors**
Paintings, pictures, or frames stores5999Retail
Painting and wallpapering commercial interiors1721Artisan contractors**
Painting and wallpapering residential interiors1721Artisan contractors**
Paper coating or finishing2671Manufacturing
Paper goods manufacturers2621Manufacturing
Patent agent7389Services
Pattern manufacturers - metal3543Manufacturing
Pattern manufacturers - other3543Manufacturing
Pattern manufacturers - paper2741Manufacturing
Payroll services8721Financial services
Pencils, pens, crayons, or chalk manufacturers3951Manufacturing
Personal assistant services7299Services
Pet day care752Services
Pet food manufacturers2047Manufacturing
Pet food and supplies stores5999Retail
Pet grooming - mobile and non-mobile752Services
Pet motels and hotels752Services
Pet sitters752Services
Pet stores5999Retail
Pet supplies except pet food wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Pet supplies wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Pet training services752Services
Pharmaceutical research & development companies8731Life sciences
Photoduplicating services7334Services
Photo finishing laboratories7384Services
Photographic equipment manufacturers3861Manufacturing
Photographic equipment and supplies stores5946Retail
Photographic supplies manufacturers3861Manufacturing
Photometers and spectrographs wholesalers5049Wholesalers
Piano and organ stores5736Retail
Piano tuning7699Services
Picture frames wholesalers5023Wholesalers
Piece goods, notions, and other dry goods wholesalers5131Wholesalers
Piece goods, sewing, and needlework stores5949Retail
Pipes or tubes manufacturers - metal3317Manufacturing
Pipes or tubes manufacturers - plastic3084Manufacturing
Plant shops5261Retail
Plants and flowers maintenance inside building5992Services
Plastering or stucco work1742Artisan contractors**
Plastic manufacturers - raw material2821Manufacturing
Plastic or rubber goods manufacturers - household3089Manufacturing
Plastic or rubber goods manufacturers - other than household3089Manufacturing
Plastic or rubber supply goods wholesalers5162Wholesalers
Plumbing - commercial or industrial1711Artisan contractors**
Plumbing fixtures manufacturers3088Manufacturing
Plumbing fixtures and supplies stores5999Retail
Plumbing - residential or domestic1711Artisan contractors**
Plumbing supplies manufacturers3494Manufacturing
Plywood, veneer, or veneer products manufacturers - other2435Manufacturing
Plywood, veneer, or veneer products manufacturers - without log processing2435Manufacturing
Polygraph operators7381Services
Popcorn shops2064Retail
Pretzel shops5461Retail
Printing and bookbinding supplies stores5943Retail
Printing - fabric screen printing2396Services
Printing - flexographic2759Services
Printing - gravure2754Services
Printing - lithography2752Services
Printing - other2759Services
Printing - prepress and support services2796Services
Printing - quick printers2752Services
Printing - screen printing other than fabric2396Services
Professional services - primarily off-premises8748Services
Publishers - books and periodicals - no printing, office only2731Services
Publishers - greeting cards - no printing, office only2771Services
Publishers - magazines - no printing, office only2721Services
Publishers - newspapers - no printing, office only2711Services
Publishers - with printing operations2731Services
Pumps or compressors manufacturers3561Manufacturing
Radio and television broadcasting stations4833Technology
Radio, television, and phonograph wholesalers5064Wholesalers
Real estate sales6531Services
Recording studios - music7389Services
Records, tapes, and compact discs stores5735Retail
Refrigeration equipment manufacturers3585Manufacturing
Refrigeration systems or equipment dealers or distributors - installation, service, or repairs - commercial1711Artisan contractors**
Refrigeration systems or equipment wholesalers1711Wholesalers
Religious articles and church supplies stores5999Retail
Religious articles and church supplies wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Restaurant fixtures and supplies stores5719Retail
Restaurants - banquet halls only5812Food services
Restaurants - buffets5812Food services
Restaurants - casual dining5812Food services
Restaurants - caterers5812Food services
Restaurants - commissaries5812Food services
Restaurants - delicatessens5812Food services
Restaurants - fast food5812Food services
Restaurants - fine dining5812Food services
Restaurants - food concession or refreshment stands5812Food services
Restaurants - food trucks5812Food services
Restaurants - other5812Food services
Restaurants - pizza parlors5812Food services
Restaurants - sandwich shops5812Food services
Rope manufacturers2298Manufacturing
Rubber stamps manufacturers or assembling3069Manufacturing
Rubber stamps stores5999Retail
Running and track apparel and equipment stores5699Retail
Saddles, harnesses, or horse furnishings manufacturers3199Manufacturing
Safes or safe vaults manufacturers3499Manufacturing
Secretarial services - including resume, data entry, and typing - limited travel7338Services
Secretarial services - including resume, data entry, and typing - primarily on-premises7338Services
Sewing machines manufacturers - commercial3559Manufacturing
Sewing machines manufacturers - household3639Manufacturing
Sewing machine repair shops7699Services
Sewing machine stores5722Retail
Sheet metal work - outside3444Manufacturing
Sheet metal work - shop only3444Manufacturing
Ship chandler stores5999Retail
Shoes, boots, or slippers manufacturers3021Manufacturing
Shoe repairs7251Services
Shoe repair materials wholesalers5087Wholesalers
Shoe shine concession stands7251Retail
Shoe stores5661Retail
Shoe wholesalers5139Wholesalers
Sign erection installation or repairs1799Artisan contractors**
Sign lettering and painting - inside only1721Services
Sign manufacturers - electrical3993Manufacturing
Sign manufacturers - other than electrical3993Manufacturing
Sign stores5251Retail
Signs except electric wholesalers5099Wholesalers
Small motor and engine repair shops7699Services
Smoothie bars5812Retail
Snack bars5812Retail
Soccer apparel and equipment stores5941Retail
Soda or bottled water stores5812Retail
Software research and development - pre-revenue, no sales8733Technology
Specialty foods stores5499Retail
Spice shops5499Retail
Sponge processing3999Manufacturing
Sporting goods or athletic equipment manufacturers3949Manufacturing
Sporting goods or athletic equipment stores including apparel5941Retail
Sporting goods wholesalers5091Wholesalers
Stationery or paper products wholesalers5111Wholesalers
Steel wool or wire wool manufacturers3291Manufacturing
Stereos stores5731Retail
Stockbrokers6211Financial services
Stone cutting or polishing3281Manufacturing
Stonework - exterior only1741Artisan contractors**
Sunglass stores5995Retail
Sunglass wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Surveyors - land8713Services
Swimming pools or accessories manufacturers2394Manufacturing
Swimming pool services only7398Artisan contractors**
Swimming pool supplies stores5999Retail
Syrups or molasses manufacturers - refining or blending2062Manufacturing
Tailoring or dressmaking establishments - custom5699Services
Tank building or manufacturers - metal - not pressurized3443Manufacturing
Tax preparer8721Financial services
Technology and networking hardware services including industrial or residential - no process control7376Technology
Technology and networking hardware services including production and process control7376Technology
Technology and networking hardware services - office and commercial only7376Technology
Telecommunication access providers - office only4813Technology
Telecommunication devices - non-industrial only3661Technology
Telecommunication installation service and construction work4841Technology
Telecommunication service providers - heavy installation and service, with construction4841Technology
Telecommunication service providers - light installation and service, no construction4813Technology
Telemarketing and research services8732Services
Television picture tube manufacturers3663Manufacturing
Television and radio installation or repair shops7622Services
Tennis apparel and equipment stores5941Retail
Tents or canopies manufacturers2394Manufacturing
Textile products manufacturers - fabricated2299Manufacturing
Theatrical performers - traveling7922Services
Ticket agencies - other than theatrical7999Services
Ticket agencies - other than theatrical - condominium7999Services
Ticket agencies - theatrical7922Services
Ticket agencies - theatrical - condominium7922Services
Tile, stone, marble, mosaic, terrazzo installation - interior1743Artisan contractors**
Tile stores5713Retail
Title, escrow, and settlement offices6361Financial services
Tobacco shops5993Retail
Tool manufacturers - accessories3545Manufacturing
Tool manufacturers - hand type - not powered3423Manufacturing
Tool manufacturers - hand type - powered3546Manufacturing
Tool manufacturers - household type - powered - outdoor or workshop3541Manufacturing
Toys or games manufacturers3944Manufacturing
Toy stores5945Retail
Trailers manufacturers3715Manufacturing
Translation and interpretation services7389Services
Travel agencies4724Services
Trophy stores5999Retail
Trophy wholesalers5199Wholesalers
Trust company6091Financial services
Twine or cordage manufacturers2298Manufacturing
Umbrella or cane manufacturers3999Manufacturing
Upholstery services - shop only7641Services
Vacuum cleaner sales and service stores5722Retail
Valves manufacturers3491Manufacturing
Vegetable oil manufacturers2046Manufacturing
Vegetable oil manufacturers - by solvent extraction2046Manufacturing
Vending machines manufacturers3581Manufacturing
Vending machine operations - food, beverage, or ice5962Services
Venetian blinds manufacturers or assembling2591Manufacturing
Veterinarians - condominium742Services
Video stores - rental7841Retail
Video stores - sales5735Retail
Videotape editing services7384Services
Vitamin stores excluding products5499Retail
Wall and ceiling acoustical installation1742Artisan contractors**
Wallpapering - commercial or residential1721Artisan contractors**
Watch and clock repairs7631Services
Watch and clock wholesalers5094Wholesalers
Watch stores5944Retail
Watch or watch cases manufacturers3873Manufacturing
Water bottling - in siphons2086Manufacturing
Water bottling - spring or well - sparkling or carbonated2086Manufacturing
Water bottling wholesalers5141Wholesalers
Waterproofing1799Artisan contractors**
Water softening equipment installation, service, or repairs1711Artisan contractors**
Water softening equipment stores5999Retail
Website design and online marketing - for others7379Technology
Wholesalers - no food or drink and not otherwise classified5999Wholesalers
Wigs or hair pieces manufacturers3999Manufacturing
Wig stores5699Retail
Window decorating - storefront7389Services
Window treatment installation1799Artisan contractors**
Wire cloth manufacturers3315Manufacturing
Wire drawing3315Manufacturing
Wire goods manufacturers3315Manufacturing
Wire ropes or cables manufacturers - metal3315Manufacturing
Wood products manufacturers2499Manufacturing
Wood turned products manufacturers2499Manufacturing