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The easiest way for contingent workforce platforms to offer workers comp and liability insurance to independent contractors.
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An API built for freelance and vendor management systems of all types

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Key Coverage

Use our API to offer independent contractors on your platform real-time insurance quotes for the most commonly required coverage types, including:

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Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Independent contractors only pay for insurance coverage while they work, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly.

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Seamless User Experience

Our drop-in front-end client module lets you seamlessly integrate the insurance quote and checkout steps directly into your workflows.

How it works

Contracting Entity Enters Job Details

We reduce the number of steps the independent contractor needs to take to secure insurance. Add our client library directly into the contracting entity's workflow. The contracting entity answers a handful of questions about open roles on your platform. With this we can immediately and confidently quote and bind insurance for prospective applicants.
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Contractor Fills Form & Accepts Coverage

Simply add our embeddable insurance form to unlock real-time quotes and binding for contractors on your platform. The contracting entity's insurance requirements determine what contractors see and the information they have to provide – ensuring compliance for the contracting entity and a seamless experience for the contractor.

We Automate the Rest

Everything from premium payments to policy renewal is automated for you and customizable using our APIs.

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